Nepal’s Human Rights Commission Demands Government to Solve Guthi Problem through Dialogue

Nepal’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the govt to explore solutions on the problem of the Guthi bill via dialogue and talks with stakeholders.

Issuing a press release on Wednesday, NHRC Director Dr. Tikaram Pokharel known as on the government to respect citizens’ right to peaceful assembly and demo, arrange treatment of the hurt and explore solution through talks and dialogue by bringing the guilty to justice.

The constitutional human rights watchdog also required the withdrawal of Guthi bill tabled in the Parliament and also drew its consideration on excessive use of force and ill-treatment against Guthi activists in course of their quiet demonstration on June 9.

As cultural right is an inseparable portion of the human rights, NHRC has a clear stance that no authority can undermine human rights everywhere in any pretext, reads the press release.

The human rights body additionally made a plea to all sides to remain sensitive not to allow a situation while the deep-rooted traditional tradition and practices of various groups and class would disappear as well as to assure the protection of the right.

Nevertheless, NHRC has also urged the demonstrators to exercise tolerance whilst conducting protest programs and asserting their demands.

Guthi is a trust or social group that manages social, cultural and religious activities through the income generated from its land.

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