Nepal Information Positive Economic Development, Decreased Poverty-FY 2075-76

Nepal has expected a positive economic development rate this fiscal year FY 2075-76, which presently stands at 6 .81 percent. 

The country’s Gross Domestic Progress is expected to remain NPR 3 .464 trillion. This year’s development rate is comparatively higher than the previous year’s development rate of 6 .3 percent. 

Nepal’s financial growth rate took a hit in FY 2072-73 when the Gorkha earthquake struck the nation and stalled its livelihood. 

The per capita earnings for FY 2075-76 is estimated to achieve USD 1, 034 compared to last year’s USD 998. Similarly, the total number of people living below the poverty cable has also reduced. A total of 18 .7 percent of people are presently under the poverty line. 

Based on the white paper presented by Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada one along with a half year ago, 21 .6 percent of the people were residing below the poverty line.

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