Four climbers die on Everest as report statistics crowd route to the summit

Three climbers along with a guide have died on Mount Everest, using to eight the number killed in a week as document numbers tackling the world’s highest mountain have caused risky crowding. 

More than 120 climbers scaled Everest on Thursday, but some were trapped in the crowd of people on the slopes, contributing to exhaustion, dehydration, and death, Nepalese officials declared. 

The death toll so far this period outstrips the five killed in the entire of last year. 

“Traffic jams” of climbers have produced near the summit this year after about 380 permits to climb were granted. Last year Nepal issued 365 permits for expeditions to Mount Everest; in 2016 it was 289. 

Two women along with a man from India died of exhaustion while descending from the 8, 850 meters (29, 035 feet ) peak. 

These were Anjali Sharad Kulkarni, 54, Kalpana Das, 49, and Nihal Ashpak Bagwan, 27. 

A tour organizer declared Bagwan had been “stuck in the traffic for more than 12 hours and was exhausted”. 

Others who were killed this week integrated a 65-year-old Austrian climber, who died on the northern Tibet side, an additional Indian and an American.

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